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CoDES members conduct research in a broad array of inquiries defined by various clinical specialty areas and applied methodologies. Researchers with similar interests might find this listing helpful to identify relevant resources and collaborators among our growing CoDES membership.

CoDES research in

Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

We study hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases, with a particular focus on evaluating and optimizing drug therapy, using a variety of methods including causal inference methods applied to large scale observational data (electronic health record & claims) as well as conduct of prospective RCTs.

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Pharmaceutical Policy Evaluation

In pharmaceutical policy evaluation, we use legal epidemiology-informed methodological approaches to assess the impact of policy on medication access, medication use, care quality, and health outcomes.  

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In Pharmacoeconomics, we use data on the economic cost and health outcomes of alternative pharmaceutical treatments to assess the cost-effectiveness and value of specific treatments.

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Our research is focused on improving pharmaceutical-related precision health and health equity via large real-world data, advanced analytics, and robust research methodology and study design.

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Child & Maternal Health

We evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medications in pregnancy, considering maternal and infant outcomes, and in early childhood, using a vast array of specialist approaches and measures that strengthen causal inferences.

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Cannabis Medical Use

In collaboration with the Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research we study the medical uses and outcomes of cannabis, employing MEMORY, a newly developed Medical Marijuana Research Repository.