Center Activities

Building the foundation for real-world data research.

Big Data Infrastructure

CoDES has access to the health records of more than 300 million lives.

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Big Data Analytical Support

CoDES provides expertise in the measurement of drug exposure and outcomes/phenotypes.

Big Data Analytical Support

Big Data Access

CoDES facilitates access data and guidance in conducting research.

Big Data

Research Exchange

CoDES will offer an email listserv, website and seminar series to exchange ideas.

Dr. Winterstein

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

CoDES will train the next generation of researchers in drug evaluation and safety.

Graduate Student

POP Events

POP Seminar Guest Speaker: Christopher Harle, Ph.D. on 05/05/2022

Please join us Thursday, 05/05/2022 for POP Research seminar of the Spring 2022, held from 11:00am – 12:00pm in HPNP Auditorium, Room 1404, or via Zoom. We will be welcoming …

POP Seminar: Sebastian Jugl, B.S.Pharm, R.Ph. and Ikenna Francis Unigwe, B.S., Pharm.D., M.S. on 04/21/2022

Please join us Thursday, 04/21/2022 for POP Research seminar of the Fall 2021, held from 11:00 am-12:30 pm in Communicore C1-04. We will be welcoming Sebastian Jugl, B.S.Pharm, R.Ph. and…

POP Seminar: Rayid Ghani, MS on Tues, 04/19/2022

Please join us Tuesday, 04/19/2022. We will be welcoming  Rayid Ghani, MS as our seminar speaker. Rayai Ghani, Rayid Ghani is a Professor in Machine Learning and Public Policy at…

POP Seminar: Rachel Reise, PharmD on 04/14/2022

Please join us Thursday, 04/14/2022 for POP Research seminar of the Spring 2022, held from 11:00am – 12:00pm in Communicore building, Room C1-04, or via Zoom. We will be welcoming …