Drug Evaluation and Safety in Maternal and Child Health Core

The Drug Evaluation and Safety in Maternal and Child Health Core engages in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research to address the most pressing issues surrounding the contemporary landscape in maternal and child health. CoDES faculty within this core have forged collaborative research projects to leverage the rich data resources from CoDES with methodological and clinical expertise from across UF and beyond. Here, we highlight one such project from our members:

Study Title: Application of Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Models to Inform Dosing Recommendations for Hormonal Contraceptives co-Administered with Other Medications.

Study Description: This study uses CoDES data resources, including Medicaid Analytic Extract (MAX) and commercial insurer data from IBM MarketScan, to characterize hormonal contraceptive utilization patterns and evaluate adverse events, such as venous thromboembolism and unwanted pregnancy, from drug-drug interactions with a host of perpetrator medications in women. This series of studies using real-world evidence are informed by pharmacokinetic research from the Department of Pharmaceutics (PI: Stephan Schmidt), where findings from each study aim inform further work.

CoDES faculty and trainee contributors:

  • Stephan Schmidt, Principal Investigator
  • Joshua Brown, sub-project Principal Investigator
  • Almut Winterstein, co-Investigator
  • Amie Goodin, co-Investigator
  • Sabina O Nduaguba, post-doc

Funding Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation