Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety

The UF Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety unites researchers interested in using big data to evaluate drugs and the safety of medications in real-world populations.

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Lives’ Health Care Records


Peer-Reviewed Publications by Center Members (2019-2020)

CoDES 2020 Fact Sheet

Center Fact sheet

CoDES 2020

CoDES unites a multidisciplinary group of big data researchers in epidemiology, health economics, health services research and decision-sciences who evaluate and project drug outcomes to guide policy and clinical and personal decision-making.

center activities

Big data infrastructure

CoDES has access to the health records of more than 300 million lives.

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Big drug data analytical support

CoDES provides expertise in the measurement of drug exposure and outcomes/phenotypes.

Big Data Analytical Support

Research exchange

CoDES offers an email listserv, website and seminar series to exchange ideas.

Dr. Winterstein

Postdoctoral fellowship program

CoDES will train the next generation of researchers in drug evaluation and safety.

Graduate Student