Areas of Research

Each area of research at CoDES have shared interest of using big data, but also include a broader spectrum of drug safety initiatives that address how medications are used, misused and abused.

Journal of the American Medical Association

CMS Opioid Safeguards

Dr. Wei led a study that questions the accuracy of CMS criteria for flagging patients as at risk for opioid abuse and overdose.

Yu-Jung "Jenny" Wei, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor with UF College of Pharmacy

Primary Research Areas

Phase IV

Evaluate drug safety and effectiveness in real-world populations to enhance pre-approval evidence


Asses the value of drugs and related programs to guide investment of personal, payer and societal resources

Medication Use Quality

Evaluate the quality and determinants of medication use to direct allocation of resources and policy

Pharmaceutical Predictive Analytics

Develop predictive tools for drug response and adverse events to support clinical care and related policy

Pharmaceutical Policy

Evaluate policy surrounding medication use to enhance programmatic efforts aimed to improve access and quality of drug therapy