Areas of Research

Each area of research at CoDES have shared interest of using big data, but also include a broader spectrum of drug safety initiatives that address how medications are used, misused and abused.

Phase IV Studies

Target specific drug safety concerns and effectiveness questions are conducted in conjunction with clinical departments in the College of Medicine (e.g., Psychiatry, Otolaryngology, Neurology, Gynecology), the Departments of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Outcomes and Bioinformatics, the Center for Pharmacometrics and System Pharmacology, the Pain Research and Intervention Center, and the Institute of Aging. CoDES leadership will also head a new regulatory science core in the CTSI, which focuses on the intersection between clinical pre-approval and phase IV studies

Jenny Wei

Medication Use Quality studies and Pharmaceutical Predictive Analytics studies

These studies are conducted with a similar group of collaborating departments and centers. In addition, CoDES collaborates with UF Health and UF Health Physicians to evaluate local drug utilization pattern and guide quality improvement efforts. CoDES also collaborates with the CTSI Learning Health System Initiative and CTSI Precision Medicine Program to develop, implement and evaluate advanced EHR-based decision-support programs that help prioritize patients at risk for adverse drug events, which is an expansion of ongoing work at UF Health.

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Drug policy studies and Pharmacoeconomic studies

Join researchers from clinical departments, health outcomes and bioinformatics, epidemiology and the Cancer Center. CoDES will also support economic and policy evaluations of the CTSI Precision Medicine Program and within the new CTSI Regulatory Science Program, and collaborate with the FDA to inform policy on risk mitigation.

Jenny Wei